Human beings are derived from the ocean. From the day of human birth, the exploration of the ocean has never been interrupted. In the birthplace of the "maritime Silk Road", the founder of Haoshou, with the pursuit of a better career, with a brave, tenacious spirit of adventure and the pioneering and innovative fashion sense, a sincere praise again on the ocean. When the vast ocean meets the human fashion, it collides with a brilliant spark——HaoShou

All along, Haoshou company gives HaoShou all-round, multi-level brand connotation:

In the design and expression, fashion cutting-edge research and development of products, combined with brand culture and brand positioning clothing creation;

In the marketing stores, the construction of independent characteristics of the brand image of monopoly, the image into high-end shopping malls;

In the product line, the product line for a complete structural planning, to create high-end, atmospheric, high-grade product portfolio.



Youth represents a kind of ancient feelings, burning in different periods of different flames. Now, this feeling is gradually extended to swimsuit. When bathing is not only for swimming, and rise to and express a kind of spiritual needs, swimwear began to like fashion. There are a variety of colors, a variety of patterns, there are a variety of styles, also have their personality thought of the one and only.

So, when swimsuit thought met youth feelings, HIDINK appeared so!

HIDINK positioning for young women around 18-25 years old, the pursuit of full release of their own personality, publicity, and not lose colour. They use free and easy life attitude to understand and understand the world we live in, and infect people with pure smile. They are simple, but they dare to pursue what they want.



ACCA brands are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles for consumers. In the beginning, ACCA hired a professional team, conduct research on the fitness market to "comfort, enjoyment, fashion" as the design concept, the research and development of fine fitness apparel products, from fabric selection, function test, Zhen link printing style, version of uphold high standard.

ACCA products include jogging, yoga, exercise and other products, mainly in the heart of life, the pursuit of quality of life has a positive urban fashion, he (she) have to enjoy the good things of life, love gives the personal independence of conduct in its own way, enjoy every stage of your journey.

ACCA uses product as a medium to resonate with consumers and redefines the meaning of movement - life as sport!