Last century, 80s
Haoshou Garments Co,LTD was founded.
Haoshou completed the initial layout of marketing outlets, the marketing center was formally established;
Set up R & D centers, hire large designers at home and abroad, to achieve product diversification, fashion;
Haoshou sales outlets all over the country, sales have risen steadily;
The export business relates to Europe and other international markets;
Obtain ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification;

Haoshou has been rated as "China's famous brand" in apparel industry";
Through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification;
The thirty-seventh Miss tour national final was held in China, and the Haoshou brand swimsuit was the only designated swimsuit for the competition";
In 2011, Haoshou brand won CCTV.COM swimsuit gold booth only partner, strong cooperation, deepen cooperation channels, increase brand publicity, and greatly enhance the brand awareness;
Haoshou brand with the forefront of fashion design concepts, unique brand concept, a new terminal image, to the industry to bring a perfect stunning;

Haoshou branded swimwear designated swimwear sponsor for Miss World Chinese Miss 2014 competition;
Haoshou company has been authorized by Lining brand authorized joint venture Co., Ltd. to become its designated manufacturer;
Haoshou company's business volume and stable growth of money in the establishment subsidiary of HIDINK Clothing Co., Ltd has been put into production capacity overall breakthrough, to achieve a new leap; and hire a professional team to conduct research on the fitness market to "comfort, enjoyment, fashion" as the design concept, the research and development of fine fitness clothing products;
In 2017, Haoshou company formally launched a series of fitness clothing products.