R & D Center

   Technical personnel research and development center of Haoshou company are over the years have been engaged in professional and technical personnel of textile dyeing and printing design, has a strong practical experience, has a profound understanding and research in the dyeing process, fabric development, especially effective in swimwear fabric and human skin fit and comfort and style different size, determined to create the most comfortable beauty swimsuit.

Production platform 

  Our company now has industry-leading equipment, modern standard factory building and staff living area, the annual total output can be 4 million 500 thousand sets, with a total output value of nearly 100 million yuan.

      Production process 

    The production department strictly implements the production process and prepares the technology first before mass production. The research and innovation of production department joint R & D department is committed to new technology and new technology, the use of digital printing production system is the most advanced in the world, and according to the characteristics of fabric, special process requirements, after finishing processing, make the products close to the international forefront of popular, different color blooming in the industry.

  Team building 

   The enterprise's real core competitiveness is talent. So far, Haoshou has been the focus of the introduction and cultivation of high-quality talents to work, now Haoshou has a senior industry group decision-making and personnel design, development, technology, management of dozens of people, the company developed a detailed training plan for employees in team building, regularly employ experts in management training for employees, and employees to participate in outdoor activities, enhance team cohesion.